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Tyler Blumetti


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Pitching Highlight Reel, 2021 Spring/Summer Season

Hitting Highlight Reel, 2021 Spring/Summer Season

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Hitting Metrics

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Athletic Performance

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Bicep Curls

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Player Bio and Testimonial

My name is Tyler Blumetti. I have been playing organized and AAU baseball since I was 7 years old to include the recreational, travel and middle and high school leagues.  I have been in the starting pitching rotation for my entire baseball career.  I have also been a versatile defender, playing in the outfield and 3rd base when not on the mound.  I’ve had a strong impact on the offensive side as well, always batting in the top 5 positions of the batting order.  My primary goals and aspirations are centered around developing myself to be a better baseball player and to eventually play baseball at the collegiate level. I would love to find a school that will challenge me both on and off the field.  Ever since I started to play baseball, I have had the passion and motivation to strive to be the best.  I am very self-motivated and passionate towards the sport.  On days when I don’t have an organized/scheduled formal practice with my teams, I will take repetitions off the tee, throw pitches in my front yard or work out.  In college, I hope baseball will be a big part of my overall experience.  I would be a great player for your program because I am a talented, hardworking player that works cooperatively with teammates, coaches, and trainers.  Since I was a young baseball player my coaches have described me as a very coachable player.  I now realize that my desire to constantly learn new things and work hard to develop as a better player has made me that coachable player.  I take coach’s feedback and advice, and then practice and implement what they have taught me.  I believe that I am a great leader.  I try to be a role model for my teammates on and off the field. I motivate others to be their best and help them out in any way I can.  As you will read in the academic section, I am an honor roll student in the classroom and have been all throughout my school years.  I push myself to be a winner in everything I do but have also learned to lose with dignity when necessary.  The lessons I have learned on the baseball field have helped me deal with adversities in my personal life and vice versa. I feel that I am different candidate from the other recruits because I am tremendously passionate about the game of baseball.  I realize that it will take hard work and dedication to be successful at the collegiate level, and I believe I have the internal and external strength needed to compete at the elite level.   I am a very talented baseball player and although I still have a lot to learn, I hope that I will be given the opportunity to show my skills.  Through my baseball career I have played in competitive leagues and had to work hard to maintain my position on the field. 

Athletic Awards/Mentions

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

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Coach Testimonial

I am writing to you today in testimonial of Tyler Blumetti. I want to speak on behalf of Tyler not only as the high-quality baseball player that he is, but also to the quality of young man that Tyler has grown to be. I have known and coached Tyler for nine years for the Overlook Blacksox (CT State Champions 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) During my tenure as Tyler’s coach I have had the privilege of watching him grow physically, emotionally, academically and athletically. Tyler is an exceptional pitcher. He is also an outfielder with a strong arm. At bat, Tyler has excellent bat speed and can hit the ball with power to all fields. Tyler has a good understanding of situational hitting and is a quick thinker on the bases. One of the characteristics that make Tyler exceptional is his willingness to do everything that is expected of him and more. He is my top player on the pitcher’s mound, and I have put him in every big game that we have played. He is a strong competitor, a great teammate, and a leader in the dugout. I am proud of the young man that Tyler Blumetti has become both on the field and off the field. He would be a strong asset to your college program. Best regards, Mike Brown Head Coach Overlook Blacksox Coach Holy Cross High School

Another Great Coach Testimonial

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