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Please email info@thescouthub.com if you have any additional questions regarding the products or programs, we offer here on The Scout Hub. The more questions we get, the better we can create a more simplified explanation of the products and how they help athletes advance their game.


How does the athlete get evaluated by your Pro Scouts, Coaches and Players?


  1. Purchase the Individual Pro Evaluation product the athlete wants to be evaluated in

  2. Download and fill out the player bio google form asking for player information that is sent in the post purchase receipt

  3. Watch the "How to Record your video" video and then go out and record your short player video clip or send in an existing player practice or game clip to be evaluated

  4. Upload your video to YouTube, gets a shareable link, and submit the link into your Player Google Form

  5. Once complete, and sent it, the athletes video will be evaluated by our Pro Scouts, Coaches or Players

  6. The Pro Evaluation will be completed and returned within two weeks after the athlete submits the Player Google Form

How to record and submit my game or practice video to be evaluated?

If I have a Player Page from one of your partners (example NCS Player Page), how do I get back to my Player Page to see my updates after submitting information into the Members Page section?

Refer back to the original email that was sent to you after your event that contained your Player ID and Player Page link. You will find your information in that email. If you cannot find that email, then submit your player information here and our customer service team will send you your player page link as soon as possible. Thank you.

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