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MacKenna Truax


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Colorado Softball Academy 18U- Black



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Highland High School - Ault, CO

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Hit outside pitch for single

Batting Single

2nd Base_ out from bunt

Batting Single Left side

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Left Field pop fly out 2022 Fall TC Fall Showcase

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2nd Base turn 2 attempt

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Player Bio and Testimonial

2023 Grad Year from Highland High School in Ault, Colorado; has a 3.71 GPA. Primary position is 3rd and a great utility player, both IF and OF. Bats right, and averages a 400+ batting average. I am a strong leader on and off the field. I am a firm believer that character counts. I am an excellent bunter and very fast on the base paths. I am someone who is a fighter, passionate and caring. I was injured March of 2019. I was bucked off a horse and whiplashed. It took 8 1/2 months to figure out my eyes were mis-aligned from the fall. I had debilitating headaches, dizziness, nausea, and balance issues. I saw over 17 doctors/specialist. A family friend and head athletic trainer at Colorado State University mentioned maybe it was my eyes. He had seen a similar injury with symptoms from a rugby accident. He was absolutely correct and then the healing began. After months of vestibular PT and eye therapy, I was cleared to play again. I have been good ever since. I continue to heal mentally, feel stronger than ever. I am a firm believer in healing your mental health. This is why I am interested in sports behavioral health especially after an injury. The best it yet to come and my further is brighter than ever. My club team is Colorado Softball Academy 18A Black. Contact coach Allie Schneider at

Athletic Awards/Mentions

MacKenna Club team 16U FC Starts -Cruz 2022 team won the USSSA run for the rings. #1 in State and #4 in the region for tournaments won or top 3 placing. Also took 2nd in the Gold Bracket at the USSSA Road to the Show in Oklahoma.
USSSA run for the ring #1 in Colorado !6U 2022
2nd Place Finish: Road To The Show Gold Bracket

Coach Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern, It is a privilege to be asked to write a recommendation for one of the smartest athletes that I have ever had on my roster. MacKenna Truax is a shining example of what you want for a teammate, student and role model. I was lucky enough to be able to work with MacKenna during her 14u (2018-2019) and 18u (2021-2022) seasons. She is an athlete that works hard not just on the field but off of it as well. When it comes to the skill levels that MacKenna is capable of, I have yet to see her find a ceiling. She continues to work on and improve on all aspects of her game. MacKenna is consistent in taking lessons and spends hours of her own time practicing technique on the field and watching games off of the field to improve her game IQ. Miss Truax is a utility player who will shine wherever she is asked to go. She has the speed to play outfield, the quick glove and fast footwork for middle infield and the reach and fearlessness to play the corners. MacKenna's bat is persistent and her hustle helps push singles into doubles. Frequently, she will be the player laying down a bunt that forces a rushed error in an attempt to match her speed out of the box. MacKenna has found herself always being asked to try new positions to help fill in a need for her teams and sees it as a new opportunity to be on the field. While playing for the first season of Resurrection Middle School's Fastpitch team, MacKenna was asked to learn to become a catcher. She quickly learned all she could and became an inspirational duo with the main pitcher for the team. Its moments like that, which inspire younger female athletes to try positions they never thought they could be good enough to try. She puts trust in her coaches to help her succeed and not put her in a position to fail. That inevitably helps the entire team trust in the program and each of her teammates believe they can reach the same goals. It is easy to overlook some of the best qualities that MacKenna brings to a team because her athletic skill and work ethic always speak the loudest. As a coach one of the biggest worries is the social aspects that affect the young women in our programs. We watch as social media distorts their realities and society changes their self-images. While we may be able to try and show each young athlete that they have value and strength, most of the time, it takes their peers lifting them to truly believe it. MacKenna is the first player to reach out when she notices another person having a hard time or struggling. Making it a point to befriend and make-to-feel feel welcome, any other athletes that share the same passion for this game. She has gone through a lot of adversity that should have soured her behavior, yet she continues to behave with compassion and understanding. From being bullied in middle school to having a health scare that sidelined her for a year, MacKenna does not hide those moments from others. Instead, she uses them to relate to her teammates and competitors and show them the grace that she wishes she had been shown. She will be each of her teammates' biggest cheerleader in and out of the dugout. MacKenna is what I hope the future of Fastpitch holds and an asset for any program. She will work for what she wants and help others believe they can do the same thing. I strongly encourage giving MacKenna Truax consideration to your program, she will make any coach proud. Marissa Russell 425-984-4504 NC Sting 2018-2019 Colorado Royals 2021-2022

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

Will receive letter for Honor Choir spring 2023
Patriots League 3A Colorado Honor Choir 22
My extracurricular activities consists of family, friends and volunteering, I love hanging out with my family we call it FFF (forced family fun). We attend lots of CSU football and basketball games. We go boating and take drives to enjoy the Colorado beauty. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing board games and go paddle boarding. I have really enjoyed my time volunteering with the 6U and 8U softball teams. Giving back to the younger generation has been very rewarding. The kids seem to really like me and I have found coaching is very rewarding. Possibly something I want to do in my next chapter after college. At school I was selected for the High School Chamber Choir. I had to tryout for this at my school. This is my second year doing this and have really enjoyed it. I was also selected for the Patriot League 3A Honor Choir. This was held November 14, 2022. This choir is the top singers in our league. Softball: I continue to grow my skills with extra lessons. I take batting lessons with Chris Hutton (Head coach University HS and Alumni of CSU softball). I also take fielding lessons with Riley Plogger (Utah State University), Sports Performance with Lauren Paige (University of Northern Colorado Softball) and Mental Performance training with Dr. Alley Dake PHD.

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