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Isabella Goulet


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West Coast Lady Dukes Blanco-16u



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Valencia High School (Placentia)

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Athlete Direct Upload Videos

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Strikeout High Screwball 8-4-23

Strikeout Curveball 5-21-23

Agility/Strengthening Class 5-15-23

Strikeout Riseball 6-29-23

Strikeout Inside Fastball 6-10-23

Jammed Inside Popup 11-16-22

Strikeout Inside Fastball 4-3-23

Strikeout Curveball RHB 11-18-22

Fielders Choice 2nd Base 11-18-22

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Player Bio and Testimonial

As of this year I am a 2 sport High School Athlete. I am a center for our Flag Football team and starting Pitcher for our Softball team. Balancing both sports and school has helped me better my time management. I thrive on reaching my goals inside the classroom and on the field. I enjoy giving back to the community and when I can volunteer at a local Home Grown Educational Farm. Currently I am working towards earning enough hours for the Community Service Award by graduation.

Athletic Awards/Mentions

Coach Testimonials

I have been working with Bella for the past 4 or 5 years and her transformation as a player has been amazing to watch. When she first came to our organization, she was a really good kid, who wasn’t very athletic, not very strong, was very inconsistent and a bit tentative. But over the years, Bella has dedicated herself to putting in the work to become a very successful pitcher who is both strong and consistent, as well as mentally tough. The biggest reason for her transformation has been the many hours work she has put into her craft over past many days, weeks, months, and years. In addition to making herself a bonafide high level pitcher in the 16U division, Bella has also worked very hard on her hitting and has a very consistent bat, with significant pop. Her hard work has made me extremely proud of her, however what is equally impressive is that she is an excellent student and an awesome teammate. Whatever school is lucky enough to get her at the next level is going to be extremely fortunate to get an all around great kid and hard working athlete! Jeff Blanco Head Coach and Regional Director West Coast Lady Dukes

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

Valencia High School Scholar Athlete Award 2023
Valencia High School Distinguished Scholar 2023

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Professional Reference 1

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Jeff Blanco

Organization Name:

West Coast Lady Dukes


Head of West Coast Lady Dukes


Phone Number:

How long known?


5 years 10 months

Professional Reference 2

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Tera Vasquez

Organization Name:


West Coast Lady Dukes

Pitching Coach


Phone Number:

How long known?


4 years 2 months

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