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Vito LaRosa

New York

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Next Level 2024 Prospects



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Northport HS

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Manhattan College

Athlete Direct Upload Videos

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2-20-23 In Game Batting- Double

Another triple Fall ball 2023

2023 Oppo HR@ SUNY maritime showcase 7/2/23

Stole 3rd, and scored due to heads up base running

2023 Fall Ball - 2 triples one game

BUNT for win NE Chip 18 u- age 15

2nd triple in one game 2023 fall ball

Running the 60yd

Triple into Right field at PG showcase Aug 2022

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2B: Doubles


AVG: Batting average


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E: Errors


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PO: Putouts

3B: Triples


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Exercise Science/ Kinesiology/ athletic training

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Analytical Stats

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Catcher Arm Velo
Catcher Transfer
Home to 3B Time

June 22 Baseball Factory

55M HS Varsity Race for Suffolk County

Running the 60yd

Player Athletic Performance and Strength Metrics

Athletic Performance

60yd Sprint
10yd Sprint
30yd Sprint
Broad Jump
Vertical Jump
Vertical Standing Jump
5-10-5 Shuttle
Home to 1B
1B to Home
Pushups / 30 sec

Strength Metrics

Dumbbell Press
Incline DB Press
Back Squat
Front Squat
Dead Lift
Power Clean
Grip Strength (RT)
Grip Strength (LT)
Lat Pull Downs
Bicep Curls

5 Nordic Curls- 12-26-2022

16 NORDIC CURLS 4-29-2023

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Photo Coming Soon-5x5- baseball-300px.png
Photo Coming Soon-5x5- baseball-300px.png

Player Bio and Testimonial

I am a fierce competitor and I’ll work hard for my team. I started playing baseball at 18 months old in a "little ballers" program and I never wanted to stop. Last season I was a top performer on a highly competitive 18 u team while I was 15. I proved to myself with hard work that I am able to compete at any level and I thrive with internal competition. I made the 18U all-state, national and top prospect tournament teams.


I’m described by coaches as being very coachable with my mental level being a plus and an extremely athletic player with silky smooth speed (see coach testimonials). These compliments mean so much to me from coaches I greatly respect.


I’m also in varsity track where I compete in sprints, high jump, relay. My athletic abilities gave me confidence through struggles and hard times. I see the way my brain works as a strength because just as I have trained my body, I have trained my brain. Now I’m taking IB sports med.


I know that baseball is my passion and I’ll work hard in any situation for my team. I am proud of my athletic and academic accomplishments and I plan to keep doing better.


Since I reached 6’3 at 15, I keep having to adjust things to adapt to my ever-changing size. My size and speed as well as agility have led me to the outfield where I love to be. I am always working to push myself past my comfort zone.


Being heavily involved in sports led me to want to study athletic training since I understand the body and how it moves very naturally. I am interested in colleges with Kinesiology/Exercise Science programs where I can play baseball and follow my dreams of playing at a highly competitive level for as long as possible.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Athletic Awards/Mentions

Baseball Factory LeaderBoard top 5 60 Yard Dash
Baseball Factory Leaderboard top 5 exit velo
PG All State 18u team
PG All Tournament 18 u team
PG Top Prospect (awards for OF velo, exit velo, 60

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

Honor Roll
Scholar Athlete Varsity Track and Field 2022/23
Scholar Athlete award Varsity Baseball 2023
IB Sports Medicine College credits

Coach Testimonial

10/19/2022 - Baseball Factory Coach Notes:

Arizona Easton Fall Classic - Upper Class (2023-2024) Vito is an athletic OF who is a top prospect on the diamond. In the OF, he takes good first steps in reading balls off the bat and covers a lot of ground. Feet are aggressive as he takes proper routes / angles in tracking down balls. He works to get behind balls, playing through with momentum to his target. Throws are accurate with online carry (83 mph velocity) to his target.


At the plate, he continues to shine through an athletic setup. Hands are quick (87 mph exit velocity) and work to and through a short / direct / level swing path, creating extension. He has strength in his swing and he works to keep hands inside the ball, utilizing all fields with gap-to-gap pop. Lower half works well through the swing with an aggressive hip turn.


Mental makeup is a plus as he has a great personality, is very coachable and works hard to be the best player he can be.

-Baseball Factory Staff


Perfect Game Event Notes: August 2022

Vito Larosa OF - 2024 - Northport, NY Uncommitted Larosa impressed right out of the gate, as the quick twitch 2024 outfielder ran an even best 6.68 sixty-yard dash time.


He followed it with a solid round defensively and produced online, accurate throws up to 82 mph.


At the plate, it is a compact line drive stroke with quickness to his hands and some feel for the barrel.


PG August 27/28 2022 Brentwood state park- top performer- top prospect list

-Perfect game Staff

Another Great Coach Testimonial

12/5/2022 To Whom It May Concern,

During the past two school years, I have served as Vito’s baseball coach at Northport High School. I have witnessed him show a strong work ethic, determination and perseverance. Vito is determined to play baseball at the highest level he can. He works daily at perfecting his craft. He's a very coachable player on and off the field. Baseball is a game of failure, no one is perfect.


When Vito struggles, his recipe for success is to work harder. Vito has learned to use in game struggles to fuel his drive to become student athlete Vito was our centerfielder and lead off hitter in the 2022 season. He led the team in stolen bases and runs scored. Vito was second on the team in batting average and second on the team in runs batted in I am confident Vito's work ethic and skill set would make him a valuable asset to many college baseball programs.


Please don't not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.



Lucas Vallas


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Carlos Quiorez

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Next Level Baseball




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Lucas Vallas

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Northport HS




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Shawn Manning

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Next Level




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