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The Affiliate Program provides you the opportunity to offer The Athlete Resume to your athletes at 10% off the website price if you choose and gives you 30% commission back on each Resume you sell until March 1, 2022. Create a new revenue stream for yourself or help out your organization with a fundraiser.

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How this helps the athlete?

🟢 Custom Athlete Web Page

🟢 Share with College Coaches

🟢 Affordable

🟢 Easy to add & update info

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What is The Athlete Resume?

Customizable Digital Resume that showcases the athlete's important athletic, academic and other metric information along with player videos and more to college coaches helping the athlete get recruited. The athlete can add highly sought after "Validation Video Links"  for coaches to validate their metrics too.

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⚽️ Athletes receive 10% off and you Receive 30% back until March 1st!

(*30% back is part of a limited promotion that expires on 3-1-2022. Standard commission is 20% after 3-1-2022)


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Your Affiliate Dashboard has everything you need to easily promote, sell and track all your sales. We have marketing materials, pre-designed messaging and tracking pages and more making it easy for you to click a button and start helping athletes showcase their game while making yourself or your school/program money.

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Featured Testimonial

I am a father of a 17yo high school baseball athlete that has had success on his travel teams over the past years, has had success in high school playing on varsity and has done well with his training and analytical metrics testings. Two years ago, he would have had numerous scholarship offers but in today's, Covid times with the collegiate Transfer Portal being flooded with NCAA athletes transferring between schools and also gaining back years towards their eligibility, high school athletes like my son have to do so much more to promote their skills to coaches.


My son has player pages with a few of the top tournament and development organizations that he received post event after being tested on field, but it's tough to send coaches all three of those pages along with videos of his at bats or game play and then expect the recruiting coach to also take a look at his academics and more about my son. These coaches nowadays are being flooded with emails, and calls from perspective prospects. 

The Athlete Resume that The Scout Hub built gives me one professional looking page, like a private webpage, to house all my son's player and personal information along with his highlight videos, analytical metrics and even validation links quantifying what I am putting down so the coaches can see it's valid. I am also saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars too which is always great. Now, my son's email stands out from the pack with this great tool and the coaches are even telling me this the most comprehensive, professional looking player page (Athlete Resume) they have seen and they really get a full view of who my son is and the player he is today.

Thank you Scout Hub for putting this together for us parents!