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Maddie Stubenrauch


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Colorado Softball Academy 16U- United



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Golden HS

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High School Stats

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Player Bio and Testimonial

My personal goals for softball include; 1.) Statistically and mentally being one of the best players on both of my teams (high school or club). 2.) Use softball to set myself up for my future; getting into a good school and pursuing my passions academically. 3.) Use softball as a mental blanket, something that I always know will make me happy. My biggest s strength is that I work hard, whenever a task needs to be completed, I focus in and get it done. This can be a good tool in school, as well as in softball. I always do extra for both so that I can perform to my greatest ability (waking up early to do homework for an hour and half every morning. Practicing and working out for 1.5-2.5 hours everyday outside of regular practices). I love softball because it is something that has always kept me grounded and focused on my next goal. I’m a very ambitious person and softball allows me to vent my competitive side towards positive things. It is also something I really love doing, it’s like I was meant to play.

Athletic Awards/Mentions

Coach Testimonials

From Coach LP: Maddie (aka Stubes) is an amazing athlete and person both on and off the field. She always strives to be her personal best, doing whatever it takes to achieve her full potential in every aspect of her life. She has an amazing ability to connect with people and make them feel seen and known. She is always the one to hype up her teammates and communicate on the field. Defensively, Stubes prides herself on mastering her glove work. This serves her very well in her infield positions both on ground balls and picks on throws in the dirt. She is never afraid to lay out and get dirty because she will do whatever is necessary to make the play. At the plate, she is extremely consistent in her plate approach and has great pop off of there barrel. She will absolutely grind out at bats (I've seen her work a 17 pitch AB before) and never gives in. Whenever her number is called upon, which is often, you can count on her to get the job done either driving in a run or sparking an offensive rally late in a game. Very few players are as passionate about this game as Stubes is so if you are looking for an athlete who is truly in love with the game and the process that it takes to play it at a high level, she is your athlete.

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