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Maya Cordova


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Colorado Softball Academy 16U- United



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Thomas Jefferson High School

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2022 Colorado Sparkler Center Field Highlights

2022 Colorado Sparkler Offensive Highlighs

2022 Don Battles On Showcase Highlight Video

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High School Stats

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AVG: Batting average


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SB: Stolen bases


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Academic Information

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Aerospace Engineering/Aviation

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Analytics & Performance Stats

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Strength Metrics

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Player Bio and Testimonial

Softball not only allows me to meet great people within its community but it’s also helped me grow as a person. I love the competitive aspect of softball and how I’m able to showcase different skills; both mental and physical. I love to be aggressive on the field on both defense and offense. Defensively, I love to make the effort to achieve that plus play whether it be laying out for a ball or attempting to gun a girl out on the bases. Offensively, I will always look for the opportunity to take that extra 60ft. Through softball, I've had the opportunity to develop multiple life skills such as leadership, teamwork, analytical thinking, and more. I make it a goal to continue to develop these skills and give my very best to fulfill my potential as a player.

Athletic Awards/Mentions

All State Honorable Mention
1st team All Conference

Coach Testimonials

From Coach LP: This season will be Maya’s 5th season on my team. Maya’s pure athleticism is amazing to watch, particularly her foot speed. She compliments this with an extremely high softball IQ knowing what to do in just about any situation and immediately asking for clarification if not. On the bases, she is an absolute menace, constantly hunting for ways to take the next 60 ft with the slightest lapse in focus by the defense. She is tough as nails never being afraid to lay out for a ball or run into a fence to make the play. Her arm strength has really come along in the past couple of seasons allowing her to make numerous game saving plays throwing runners out at home plate. Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, Maya is extremely competitive and passionate and wants it more than just about any kid on the field. Maya is a consistent hard worker and puts her head down to get the job done. She is one of my most coachable athletes, applying corrections immediately when given. Maya enhances any team that has the pleasure of having her on the roster.

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

I make honor role every semester as I have a 4.492 weighted GPA and am currently 20th in my class. I take four AP classes and an honors language class as a junior and one of my AP classes is AP calculus which is an important class to take for the career I want.

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