The Art of Pitching Digital Book contains over 40 years of MLB pitching knowledge. Learn from some of the best to pitch in the game, including MLB Hall of Famers! (This is included for FREE if you join The Scout Hub's membership)


This book includes:

•Must haves for a Pitcher to “Succeed”

•Geometry, Planes, and Angles of Pitching

•Pro “Pitchers List to Success”

•Pre-Game Stretching and Throwing Routine

•Pitchers Guide on Mechanics

•Professional Pitching Drills

•Professional Bullpen and Pre-game Pitching Routine

•Pitching Grips and “How to throw”

•Pitcher’s Fielding Practice Guide

•And more…


This ultimate 61 page digital pitching guide is designed to help every pitcher advance their pitching game. Todd Blyleven, former Professional Player, Scout, and Coach, has over 40 years’ experience in Professional and Amateur Baseball. Coach Todd has spent his lifetime learning from the Professional and Hall of Fame players and coaches, and has recorded their teachings over the years to give any pitcher the world’s best “Pitching Book” in Baseball. Want to know how a Hall of Fame pitcher gets prepared for a game? How about how to keep your arm strong, or learn how to improve your control and command of your pitches? 


Designed specifically for the competitive Youth, High School, College, and Professional Pitchers.


"I was so blessed to have been taught pitching and the game of baseball from so many great MLB players and coaches growing up, I want to share these teachings with you!" - Coach Todd Blyleven


The Art of Pitching eBook

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