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Coaches Prospect Page

Players will instantly be added to your Prospect Page as they choose your school as an interested school to attend. This brings the players right to you, plus you will have access to all our player's metrics too.

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College Coach Signup Instruction Page

Follow the steps below to subscribe for FREE to use this service, and gain access to your Prospect Page. 

Step 1

Become a FREE member of the website (mandatory to use services)

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Step 2

Subscribe for the College Coach Plan

(choose yearly plan)

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Step 3

Choose your sport.

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Step 4

Register your Info and School name

(managed inside the member section)

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Step 5

Create your marketing video showing off your school, the field, locker room and more. Great way to market your program instantly.

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Step 6

See your School's Live Prospect Board 

See all the players that are interested in your program, plus see our entire library of leaders In the most sought after metrics in your sports. This page electronically updates every time an athlete or coach updates metrics.

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