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What is it?

Easy to use reporting tool helping coaches evaluate their players mechanics in lessons, practices or games using their phone, tablet or computer.

What do I receive?

Private online coaches page containing all your written player evaluations with your grades,  comments and any analytical metrics you capture for your players in your lessons or events.

What does the athlete receive?

Free online player report containing your written evaluations helping them track their developmental progress. This gives family a tangible evaluation, ongoing feedback which all justifies their expense.

Why do I need this?

Increase your retention rates and income, add value to player, more professional look, track and manage progression and eval notes per athlete, separation from competition & use today's technology

Why do my athletes need this?

Online player report card showing your documented feedback which helps increase development time, parent inclusion, incentivized practice with more direction and accountability, its cool

How it works:

Subscribe to use the evaluation software.

Send your players the easy-to-use Player Registration link.

Evaluate your players and submit reports.

Receive your Coaches Page.

Players receive their Player Report Cards.

Track and Develop your Players with more precision.


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When you subscribe to use the coaches software, you will receive your very own Instructor/Coaches page that will contain all the evaluations you create for your athletes. This an amazing tool helping you stay organized, help you track and develop your athletes faster and separating you from the rest of your competition.



Selecting a plan will take you to Plans & Pricing page where you will officially select your plan and gain access to your selected subscription plan offerings.

“We are excited to offer this software to 1000's of coaches and teams helping them help their athletes improve. We provide the coaches with their own Online Coaches Page helping them track and develop their athletes while also providing our Online Player Pages to the athletes allowing them to see their coaches reports while also using that page link as a recruiting tool as well. This program shows the Parents how hard each coach is working to help improve the athlete's game which increases retention rates and ultimately helps the coach make more money doing what they love to do… Helping each athlete succeed."

- Todd Blyleven, CEO of The Scout Hub

For Information on Event and Organizational Pricing click here.

Pro Coach Revenue Model

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Pro Player Resource Evaluation program for Coaches

The Scout Hub provides players the chance to be seen by Pro Softball Players and Coaches from around the world with Team USA and other amazing softball programs giving the player the ability to have their game evaluated by multiple coaches helping their game improve. This is an amazing resource too for all Team and organizational coaches to get unbiased second opinions on their athletes game by professionals in the softball world.

Development Model using Pro Coach Software

This plan shows a timeline of how easy it is to evaluate an athlete, when the coach and athlete receive their TSH Coach and Player pages, and shows how the Pro Coach can develop an ongoing development plan helping the athlete track their progress.

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Copyright © 2020 The Scout Hub™. All Rights Reserved.

What do parents want? They want what you want for every athlete, but they also want to make sure their time and money they spend on developing their athlete's game is getting the return on their investment.

How are you currently tracking your players development and how are you reporting those developmental progress reports to your parents and athletes?

The Scout Hub created this affordable simple to use software program that allows every coach to evaluate their own players and provide a simple to understand Athlete Developmental Progress Report which provides the ROI every parent is searching for from teams and coaches.

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I am excited to bring partner offerings like these to our coaches helping them save money on great products.

Todd Blyleven, CEO


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