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Scouting Software

Replacing pen and paper giving coaches an easier solution to evaluating an athlete's game!

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Built and powered by former MLB Scout and 25+ year Pro and Amateur Coach!
Only $50/year
*not associated with The Scout Hub Baseball Scouting app on iTunes

No more writing down information on paper and having to transcribe post event into a spreadsheet saving you hours of time.

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Only $50/year
  • Add all your Upcoming Events

  • Add your Coaches under one account

  • Players get a FREE Live Player Metric Report

  • Live Event Leaderboards

  • Save time and use today's Sport Tech

  • It's all live, dynamic and so easy to use!

Used by:

⚾️ Colleges and High Schools

🏈 Tournament and Showcase Companies

🥎 Clinic and Camp Companies

⚾️ Training Facilities and Instructors



⚾️ Easy to Use Digital Evaluation Software

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⚾️ Live Event Scouting Report and Leaderboard Page

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⚾️ Players receive "Validated" Digital Event Report Page

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Have a question regarding how your organization, school or facility can use this new software? Our team can schedule a zoom with you to answer any questions you may have.

Provide Players with Digital Reports

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Easy, quick set-up.
Create multiple events.
Invite your coaches or scouts to use.
Invite hundreds of players to evaluate.

Launching in Baseball, Football and Softball now with other sports coming very soon!
Start Now

Here's how it works:

⚾️ Subscribe for the service

⚾️ Create your Business Account

⚾️ Create your next event to be added to your "Event List"

⚾️ Invite your coaches/scouts to register for their Scout Account (no additional cost)

⚾️ Scouts register under your account and select the event they plan to work

⚾️ Invite your players to register for their FREE player account under your business name

⚾️ Players select your next event they are attending

⚾️ Scouts and players show up day of event

⚾️ Scouts evaluate players digitally using their phones, tablets or laptops

⚾️ Metrics and reports are produced live so parents see results immediately

⚾️ No more waiting to see results

⚾️ Build development camps within an hour of hosting a metric testing camp

⚾️ If you can post on Facebook or Instagram, you can use this Scouting Software!

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