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Annalise Adamsen


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West Coast Lady Dukes Blanco - 16u



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Rosary Academy

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R / R






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Athlete Direct Upload Videos

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Double to right field 4/2023

Single to right field 3/2023

Double to left field 3/2023

Diving catch in left 06/2023

Double to left field 11/2023

Catch and throw home from left 06/2023

Single off change up UCSD Prospect Camp 10/23

RBI Single to left 07/2023

Diving catch in left 07/2023

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High School Stats

PA: Plate appearances


AB: At bats


AVG: Batting average


OBP: On-base %


RBI: Runs batted in


R: Runs scored


SB: Stolen bases


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Summer Stats

AVG: Batting average


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Academic Information

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School Rank
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Finance/Business/Commercial Real Estate

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Analytics & Performance Stats

Hitting Analytics

Bat Exit Velo


Barrel Speed

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Catcher Pop Time

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Athletic Performance

20yd Sprint Time

Hm to 1B Time


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Strength Metrics

Grip Strength


Grip Strength


Double - CSE metrics camp 6/2023

Front Toss - CSE metrics camp 6/2023

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Photo Coming Soon-5x5- softball-300px.png
Photo Coming Soon-5x5- softball-300px.png

Player Bio and Testimonial

I would just like to take a moment to share a few things about me. I am a 2 sport athlete and have been playing both softball and soccer since the age of 4. The balance of two sports has always been a part of me and who I am as a person. Inside the classroom I have had to balance my time playing 2 sports both outside of school and in high school. Because of my competitive nature I have always thrived both in the classroom and on the field, which has led me to what I have achieved up to now. When I am outside of the classroom and off of the softball field I have always had a love for art and was born with a raw talent for the media arts, specifically painting and drawing. I currently take art classes as my elective and headed towards AP art classes as an upperclassman this coming fall. Fun fact: my nickname is Wolfie.

Athletic Awards/Mentions

Midway through my junior year I am a 2 year varsity softball letterman and a 2 year varsity soccer letterman. At the end of this year’s varsity softball season I received 2nd Team All-Trinity League, Sophomore Multi-sport Athlete of the Year, and Varsity Softball Break-Through Player of the Year. My freshman year I received the JV soccer Coaches Award.
Softball 2nd Team All-Trinity League 2023
Sophomore Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year 2023
Varsity Softball Break-Through POY 2023
JV Soccer Coaches Award 2021-2022

Coach Testimonials

Annalise is a tremendously intelligent and well-rounded player.  She is happy to get dirty and also do the “dirty work” on a team: lay down a bunt, make a diving catch, take a pitch off the elbow.  Though blessed with power, she is happy to slap a single to right or hit a grounder up the middle if the result helps her team.  Through her ever-present smile, she is a favored teammate and an easy athlete to coach.  Kids that hit line drives, and who possess a soft glove and a strong arm, are the bread and butter of any team.  We can put her anywhere on the field or 1 through 9 in the batting order and know that we are getting maximum results.   Tom Tice Jr., MA, MNA/ Assistant Principal / Director of Athletics/ Softball Head Coach/ 714.225.5308 cell | 714.870.6510 athletic office 714.879.6302 x112 office |

Scholastic Awards/Mentions

Rosary Academy Scholar Athlete Award 2023
Rosary Academy Scholar Athlete Award 2022
Rosary Academy Second Honors 2022-23
Rosary Academy Second Honors 2021-22
Academic Merit Award in Ceramics 2023
Academically I am a two-time Scholar Athlete Award winner and a two-time recipient of Second Honors. This school year I also received the Academic Merit Award for my ceramics class, which represents the work submitted and overall performance.

Athlete's Recruiting Page Links

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Other Page 1:
Other Page 2:
Other Page 3:
Other Page 4:
Other Page 5:

Professional Reference 1

First and Last Name:

Jeff Blanco

Organization Name:

West Coast Lady Dukes




Phone Number:

How long known?


7 years

Professional Reference 2

First and Last Name:

Tom Tice

Organization Name:


Rosary Academy

Asst. Principal/Director of Athletics


Phone Number:

How long known?


7 years

Other Players from my Organization

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Validated Metric Section
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20 yard Time

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Bat Exit Velocity

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Bat Exit Velo
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Bat Barrel Velocity

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Bat Barrel Velo
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Catcher Pop Time

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Catcher Pop Time
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