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The Athlete Resume Reseller Program

What is it?

Program allowing sellers to sell Athlete Resumes in bulk to athletes at a discount rate of 30% off website posted prices. They can then charge what they like, but must stay at or below the website listed price.

What does the athlete receive?

Athlete Resume. See a full Athlete Resume example here.

Why does the athlete need this?

It's never been easier to have all of your information in one place to quickly send coaches your custom link. When a worker wants a great job, they provide their professional resume to their prospective new employers. Now, you can provide coaches with your resume too!


What does it cost?

30% off the current price of $60 per year. (totals $42)

How does this work?

  1. Seller sends athletes the Athlete Resume flyer (below) to families to see how many players he is purchasing for.

  2. Seller sends the TSH Sales Sheet list (below) with athlete info and emails.

  3. The Scout Hub sends Seller an invoice for total Resumes sold minus 30% discount.

  4. After Seller pays, TSH sends the athletes their welcome email supplying each athlete

    with a new Athlete Resume.


The Athlete Resume also comes with a College Search Page too which helps athletes and families learn more about colleges and find the coach they can send their Athlete Resume to helping them get recruited.

This amazing exposure tool is helping athletes across the globe showcase their game to coaches everywhere.

Contact us at to start your Seller Program today!


Sales Sheet

Athlete Resume Flyers