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Evaluations by Professional Coaches

Have your game or practice video analyzed by professional coaches and players from around the world. Receive your own Player Report Page detailing your Professional Evaluations and comments from these great coaches helping you understand where your game stands today and what areas you need to improve on for tomorrow. 
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What is it?

A video evaluation program where MLB and Pro Softball Scouts, Players & Coaches identify strengths and weaknesses in the athlete's mechanics and skills providing grades and comments helping the athlete understand where their game stands today.

What do I receive?

Free online player page containing your Scout's written evaluations helping you track your developmental progress. Each time you get evaluated using this program, your evaluations stack up over time giving you one Player report Page where you can track your progress and develop your game.

Why do I need this?

Being evaluated by the best evaluators in the world helps you determine where your game is today so you can p