Todd Blyleven
Football Quarterback
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Mike Eaglin- former D1 College Football & Player and former professional athlete, coach and MLB Scout.
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Overall Grade
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Category Descriptions
The movement of feet. The ability to move forward, backward and side to side within and outside of the pocket avoiding tacklers and creating better positions to throw from. Effects mobility and vision down field within the pocket along with accuracy of throws. Depending on the quarterback proper footwork can come in the form of lightnig quick movements or more deliberate slower movements but rhythm must be involved in both. 3 step, 5 step, rollouts to right and left all require proper footwork to put the body in the right position to make strong accurate throws.
Arm Strength
How hard the ball is thrown. The ability to make throws to all 9 areas of the field (quick out/ hitch, comeback/curl, fade/post, crossing routes). Arm strength can be evaluated by throws within the pocket and outside of the pocket while running to the right and to the left, Proper throwing mechanics and footwork can effect arm strength both positively and negatively. Arm strength can be evaluated by a trained eye or by radar.
The preciseness of all throws, The consistency to throw the ball in the most desired area of receivers (12inch by 12inch area between head and chest) that allow receivers to catch the ball easiest. The ability to hit a moving target just as well as stationary target. The ability to throw receivers open (leading receivers to an open area) where they can catch the ball if they aren't completely open at the time the ball is released.
Throwing Mechanics
The overall body movement of throwing that include Foot Positioning (feet should be perpendicular to target), Stance (a basic upright athletic body position with knees slightly bent), Hip Movement (hip rotation allows the arm to drive the ball down field), Grip (comfortably held in fingers/thumb with atleast one finger over laces and space between ball and palm of hand), Carry of Ball (a comfortable area near the chest with arms in a triangle shape) and Arm Action (release and follow through using an L shaped arm slot). These areas of mechanics effect overall strength and accuracy of throws.
Decision Making
Ability to read defenses (determine the, zone, etc) and process information quickly and accurately allowing for the proper action to be made. By doing so accurately and consistently the quarterback puts himself in position to make quality, accurate throws and help the team exploit the weaknesses of the defense.
Overall Comments:
Decision making comment.
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Analytics Section
Sensor Provider:
Category Descriptions
40yd Run Time
Ability to run (Straight Line Speed)
3-Cone Shuttle
Ability to change direction with quickness / agility
Long Jump
Shows explosiveness of the body
Verticle Jump
Shows explosiveness of the body
Throwing Velocity
Speed of the football. Players will throw to certain areas of the field and a radar gun will monitor the speeds of the ball.
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Grade Key
Grade Key
Grade Definitions

DI/All-American/Pro Standout. Your swing is OUTSTANDING and now it's all about the fine tuning and staying consistent throughout your football journey. Work hard to keep what you have! Great work!


DI College Player/Pro Player. Excellent job here. You're on your way to OUTSTANDING. The main goal when working on your game is to have "PLUS" mechanics and not only did you accomplish that goal, but you have surpassed it. Now reach for the Gold, and keep working hard on your game to achieve ultimate greatness in achieving all "8's", a Perfect Score!


College Player/Pro Potential. In the NFL Scouting world, we call this "Above Average" or a "Plus" game. Your QB skills look really good. There are obviously always things you can do to improve, so pay attention to the coaches comments and advance, and work hard to keep moving forward. Great job here!


High School Player/College Potential. Good QB skills here. It's good to know as a player that you have a nice game, but there are pieces here in your game that can improve, so work hard and focus on the areas of your that have been identified that are not Plus or higher (6+). Learn from the coach comments attached in your report & your coaches at home. Work hard, you can do this!


Middle School, High School Player. You have some really good qualities in your game, and then there are areas that you need to improve in so pay attention to the coaches comments, and go out and practice, practice, practice. We know you can improve here with hard work, and believe you can achieve anything!


Middle School Recreational/JV,Freshman High School Player. Looks like there are some good things happening and there are categories in your game we need to improve on to help you be the QB you want to be. Take one category at a time, read the coach comments, and then go out and practice hard for a few days on that "one" piece of your game. Keep things simple here and only work on the one part of your game to make it better. Then move on to the next category and do the same thing. Your hard work will pay off!


Recreational Player. So, we have some work to do to climb out of the POOR category here and begin your journey to get better. The best way to get better in anything you do in life is to understand what you need to work on and accept that you need to work hard to get better. So, let’s get better. Take it one category at a time and read the coach comments in each category, and then go out and practice that part of your game one part at a time until you feel like you've mastered it. Rome wasn't built in a day, so realize that your Quarterbacking skills will not just magically be great overnight. Takes time and practice to perfect it. We believe in you and want you to believe in yourself. You can do this!

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Every athlete wants to have "PLUS" mechanics. It's why we wake up early and workout, study the game and practice to be great. If our mechanics are not good or just average, it becomes more difficult to achieve our own Greatness.


"GO FOR THE 6" pushes every athlete to train hard to achieve "PLUS" mechanics. ("Plus" in the Scouting world equals the number "6"

Professional Grade Scale ranges from a eight (8) to a two (2) with 8 being Outstanding, 5 being Average, and 2 being Poor. A player's goal should be to have 6 or higher grades on their mechanics and overall game.

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