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The system did not provide scouts feedback or comments at the time this evaluation was completed. Please visit The Scout Hub and have your game reavuated by one of our MLB Scouts to update your Player Page with MLB Scout grades and comments helping you understand more on where your game stands to day and what you can do to improve your game to get better for tomorrow. Please use "SCOUT15" at checkout for 15% off your next MLB Scout Evaluation.

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Miguel Amason

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Athlete's Clipboard

This section contains Athlete Highlight Video links, Showcase Company Player Pages, Athlete Game Schedules, Academic Stats (SAT &/or ACT), and even Recruiting Page Links!

Highlight Video Links

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Recruiting Company Links

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Company Player Page Links

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Game Schedule Links

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Social Links

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Academic Stats

School GPA
SAT or ACT Score
School Ranking
School GPA
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Analytical Stats

This section contains Analytical Stats that were gathered from the leading sensor and analytical companies in sports. The averages and high metric numbers shown below should be viewed as a resource only.

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