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TSH Pro Scout Hitter Report


Todd Blyleven- 40+yes MLB experience. Former Pro Player, Coach & MLB Scout- signed All-Star Troy Tulowitzki

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Overall Comments:
Nice balanced stance. Head centered. Hands in good position. PLus load getting back into back leg with good sequencing of back shoulder scap pinch. Knob of bat and barrel are positioned at good angle here. Front foot high lift seems balanced. Plus direction and stride with keeping front shoulder closed and down ready to attack ball. Be careful not to let the body lunge or shift weight to forward as front foot sets down as this may cause a lunge and throw your whole swing off. Maintain your weight over your centerline as front foot sets down. Good job here. Excellent job here and keeping weight over your back side at impact. You are setting yourself up to have plus power and good launch angle capability in your swing. (Last one had too much lift lol) Try to always be around that 18-22 degree launch angle as this will promote good back spin and allow to lift on ballas meant to be hit out of the park and keep you hitting line drives on those lower pitches in the strike zone. Great work here. Good quick knob to ball approach with the swing with plus barrel path and plate coverage. This gives you a great chance to hit the pitch away. Great finish with barrel getting full extension and chest lift at end. Be sure again to maintain that good backside posture/staying back at impact and not get too far on your front side or too far back on your backside trying to hit every ball out. Solid line drive swing with 18-22 degree lift keeps you at All-Star status. Great work here. I really like this swing and like the power you are trying to create. Maintain this level of aggressiveness as you evolve as a hitter. Great work here.

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