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TSH Pro Scout Pitcher Report


Todd Blyleven- Former Pro Pitcher, Coach & MLB Scout- signed All-Star Troy Tulowitzki

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Overall Comments:
Good athletic stance with good balance. Like the high leg kick and set up on backside to use later for power pitch. Head is stabalized with eyes on target. Plus separation here with good closure of front side as separation. occcurs. Front lead elbow is in good position (shoulder height) and weight is set on back leg for spring like coil to occur. Great work here, this looks really good. Nice work here, look smooth and easy. I would. challenge you to push a little more from the separation phase towards the catcher while staying closed on your front side. In other words, try to push another 3 inches forward with that lead elbow towards home plate just before your left touches down and before rotating out and tucking into your left side. This will allow you to get more push from your backside which your setting up nicely in your separation phase and force you to get more over your front side causing more extension, better control & command of your pitches and you will throw harder too. Good controlled, solid finish. I think if you can work on more push in your rotation phase and concentrate more on pulling that left elbow through more past your rib cage and towards 2B, you will see a more aggressive finish. You will also see more movement to your pitches in the strike zone with better extensiopn from your release point. Trust your mechanics and start getting a little more aggressive. I like the control of your head and concentration you have. Keep it up. Trust your good mechanics and start to open up the aggressive meter. You dont alwasy have to be perfect, and the best time to practice more aggressive pitching is in the bullpen. Open it up, see what is too much and dial it back a notch where you learn how to open it up in a game to get that strike out and when to dial it down when you need that ground ball pitch to get you out of a jam.

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