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Alexander Pavila
TSH Pro Scout Pitcher Report
Evaluation Date:
Evaluated by:
Calvin Jones- Former Pro Player & Los Angeles Dodgers Scout
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Overall Grade
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Mechanics Section
Scout's Grade
Category Descriptions
Stance & Balance
The "Stance" involves approaching the pitching rubber with a positive, relaxed frame of mind ready to pitch a strike. While on the mound, the pitcher should be balanced, comfortable and athletic. Getting to a proper "Balance Point" is VERY important to throw consistent strikes.
Separation & Stride
Separating" the ball from the glove and into the throwing hand is where all the power is created. Having great "Direction"is essential to throwing consistent strikes, throwing breaking pitches and commanding both sides of the plate. Correct direction includes an aggressive "Stride" from the rubber, control of the front side and arm, and stability and proper landing of the front foot.
Rotation & Arm
Proper "Rotation" involves hip explosion and arm whip. Control of the head along with stability and balance of the landing leg will create a consistent release and command of all pitches.
The "Aggressiveness" grade tells the story of how hard a pitcher works and trains to make themselves better. It will show in an athlete's body language and demeanor. A timid or tentative pitcher is liable to create flaws in their mechanics and have future arm trouble.
Future Category
New Category description coming soon.
Overall Comments:
Good mechanics. Sound delivery. Good separation and stride. Arm works well. Good aggressive delivery.
Analytics Section
Sensor Provider:
Pocket Radar
Category Descriptions
Fastball Velo
How fast a pitch is traveling during flight as it is released from the pitchers throw arm and travels towards home plate, measured in miles per hour (MPH). Higher velocity means the ball gets to the batter faster and requires quicker reaction by the batter.
FB Spin Rate
The rate at which the ball spins during flight, measured in rotations per minute (RPM). Another definition of Spin Rate would be the average spin rate of the ball as it travels from the point of release until it is caught. Spin rate is measured in RPMs (revolutions per minute).
CB/SL Velocity
How fast a pitch is traveling during flight, measured in miles per hour (MPH). Higher velocity means the ball gets to the batter faster and requires quicker reaction by the batter. Changing pitch speeds, for example by mixing up fastballs and change-ups that have 5-10 mph difference in speed, can help to keep a batter off balance.
CHG Velo
This velocity reading basically tells the pitcher how much their Change-up speed varies from their Fastball velocity and also gives the change-up a chance to drop or sink after it has left the pitcher's hand and crosses the plate.
Future Metric
Future Metric
Future Metric
Future Metric
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Grade Key
Grade Key
Grade Definitions

DI/All-American/Pro Standout. Your pitching delivery is OUTSTANDING (Out) and now it's all about the fine tuning and staying consistent throughout your baseball journey. Work hard to keep what you have! Great pitching here!


DI/All-American/Pro Player. EXCELLENT (Exc) job here. You're on your way to OUTSTANDING. The main goal when working on your game is to have "PLUS" mechanics and not only did you accomplish that goal, but you have surpassed it. Now reach for the Gold, and keep working hard on your game to achieve ultimate greatness in achieving all "8's", a Perfect Score!


DI/All-American/Pro Potential. In the MLB Scouting world, we call this "Above Average" or a "Plus" delivery. Nice job in putting a very nice looking delivery together here. There are obviously always things you can do to improve, so pay attention to the videos that are recommended here to help your delivery advance. Great job here!


High School Player/College Potential. Very nice looking pitching delivery. It's good to know as a pitcher that you have a nice AVERAGE delivery, but there are pieces here in your delivery that can improve, so work hard and focus on the areas of your delivery here that have been identified that are not well above average (6+). Watch and learn from the videos attached and work hard. You can do this!


Middle School, High School Player. You have some really good qualities in your pitching delivery, and then there are areas that you need to improve in. Pay attention to the videos that are recommended for you to watch and learn from, and go out and practice what you are being taught. I know you can improve here from BELOW AVERAGE with hard work you can achieve anything!


Middle School Recreational/JV,Freshman High School Player. Looks like there are some good things happening and there are categories in your BELOW AVERAGE MINUS delivery we need to improve on to help you be the pitcher you want to be. Take one category of your pitching delivery at a time, watch the video, and then go out and practice hard for a few days on that "one" piece of your delivery. Keep things simple here and only work on the one part of your delivery to make it better. Then move on to the next category and video, and do the same thing. Practice that one thing your working on at home with or without a ball, or at practice. Don't get caught up in working on multiple areas in one pitching practice session. One thing at a time. Move down your list in your scouting report here and practice-practice-practice. Your hard work will pay off!


Recreational Player. So, we have some work to do to climb out of the POOR category here and begin your journey to get better. The best way to get better in anything you do in life is to understand what you need to work on and accept that you need to work hard to get better. So, lets get better. Take it one category at a time and watch and learn from the video in each category, and then go out and practice that one lesson and part of your delivery one category or part at a time until you feel like you've mastered it. Then and only then, move on to the next lesson or part of your pitching motion. Takes time and practice to perfect it. I believe in you and so I want you to believe in yourself. You can do this!

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Every athlete wants to have "PLUS" mechanics. It's why we hit off the Tee, throw our Bullpens and practice to be great. If our mechanics are not good or just average, it becomes more difficult to achieve our own Greatness.


"GO FOR THE 6" pushes every athlete to train hard to achieve "PLUS" mechanics. ("Plus" in the Scouting world equals the number "6"

Professional Grade Scale ranges from a eight (8) to a two (2) with 8 being Outstanding, 5 being Average, and 2 being Poor. A player's goal should be to have 6 or higher grades on their mechanics and overall game.

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