Organizational Scouting Programs

Helping all event, combine, tournament and clinic organizations evaluate and record their athletes testing results while providing state of the art online player pages and more. 
All for only $15 per player per event!

What is it?

Event player evaluation platform allows the organization to evaluate athletes at an event or combine setting, record the athletes metrics (mechanical or analytical) and provide back player pages and more.

What does the organization receive?

Event Registration Software (if needed), Scouting Roster and Grade Sheet with player data, post-event player stats and rankings spreadsheet. Player Pages and TSH ID's for sharing and tracking. Access to TSH Event Leaderboard page.

What does the athlete receive?

Free online player page containing event evaluations and metrics helping them track their developmental progress. This gives the family a tangible evaluation and ongoing feedback which all justifies the expense of the event or combine.

Why does an organization need this?

Increased participation numbers, more income, added value to player & family (documented feedback), enhanced event experience, track progression per athlete, separation from competition, stand out amongst the competition. Nominal expense

(It's only $10 per player!!!)

Why do athletes want this?

Rapid development, recruiting tool, documented feedback, tangible evaluation from the event, online profile page, better direction (know where you stand), parent inclusion, accountability, its cool, using today's sports tech.


Digital Reporting Made Easy

Eliminate the paper forms and pens to evaluate athletes. This easy-to-use digital scout sheet allows the scout to evaluate the athlete on field or in a cage setting from their phone, tablet or laptop.


Your athletes receive digital Player Reports too after your event which allows the athlete to see their progress from evaluation to evaluation over time.


Plus, at the end of your event, you will receive a "Master Event Spreadsheet" showing all your scouts grades and comments per player helping you help your athletes develop and making you extra money.

(Wifi or internet connection required) 

Online Player Pages

TSH Pro Evaluation Player Report Page- Ad 7x5.png

Copyright © 2020 The Scout Hub™. All Rights Reserved. All evaluations graded based on athlete age and compared to average player in athlete age group.

Every athlete will receive these amazing player pages where they can also add their highlight player videos, social links, recruiting page links and more. The Organizational Scouting Platform is designed to enhance the athletes overall experience, provide the organization with the data and metrics they need to help develop their athletes, increase an organization's brand presence and program offerings separating them from the pack. 

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“We are excited to offer this software to 1000's of coaches and teams helping them help their athletes improve. We provide the coaches with their own Online Coaches Page helping them track and develop their athletes while also providing our Online Player Pages to the athletes allowing them to see their coaches reports while also using that page link as a recruiting tool as well. This program shows the Parents how hard each coach is working to help improve the athlete's game which increases retention rates and ultimately helps the coach make more money doing what they love to do… Helping each athlete succeed."

- Todd Blyleven, CEO of The Scout Hub

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What do parents want? They want what you want for every athlete, but they also want to make sure their time and money they spend on developing their athlete's game is getting the return on their investment.

How are you currently tracking your players development and how are you reporting those developmental progress reports to your parents and athletes?

The Scout Hub created this affordable simple to use software program that allows every coach to evaluate their own players and provide a simple to understand report which provides the ROI every parent is searching for from teams and coaches.