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Thousands of baseball athletes of all ages and levels are using the MLB Scouts Program helping them prepare for that next event, make a team and better their overall game.

Built by MLB Scouts for all Player ages & types

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What is it?

The MLB Evaluations program offers athletes the opportunity to have their game or practice video analyzed by MLB Scouts or Coaches which helps each athlete identify where they are strong and areas they need to work on to improve.

What does it provide?

Each player receives a Pro Style Evaluation and Progress Reports with the actual MLB Scout or Coach grades, comments, and educational content for the player and parents to learn more about their game. The player can also add today's most popular analytical metrics from Blast, Pocket Radar, and more.

Who is it for and why are they using it?

Any age athlete that wants to learn more about their game from the best evaluators in sports to help them get better. Have your video seen by a MLB Scout or Coach today! 

Get your game evaluated by the best evaluators in baseball before your next big event!

See what you receive:

Choose the category you would like your game evaluated by our Pro evaluators?

It's so easy now to have your game or practice video analyzed by an actual MLB Scout!

(for ALL ages)

  1. Purchase your Pro Scout Evaluation

  2. Record your Video​ ​(See Instructions)

  3. Choose your MLB Scout & Submit your Video and Player Info

  4. MLB Scout Evaluates your Video

  5. Receive your Pro Scout Evaluation & Trending Reports

  6. Train and Advance your Game


Your Game Evaluated by the Best in the Game

We provide players with the opportunity to be virtually evaluated by an MLB Scout anywhere in the world.  Players receive Pro Scout Evaluations, and Trend Reports that they can learn from and share with their private, team or even college coaches in the recruiting process.


We also work with organizations, schools, and teams to provide evaluations of their players, provide insights into their player's strengths and weaknesses, and provide Team Reports to help organizations develop their players and make better personnel decisions.




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Every athlete wants to have "PLUS" mechanics. It's why we hit off the Tee, throw our Bullpens and practice to be great. If our mechanics are not good or just average, it becomes more difficult to achieve our own Greatness.


"GO FOR THE 6" pushes every athlete to train hard to achieve "PLUS" mechanics. ("Plus" in the Scouting world equals the number "6"

Professional Grade Scale ranges from a eight (8) to a two (2) with 8 being Outstanding, 5 being Average, and 2 being Poor. A player's goal should be to have 6 or higher grades on their mechanics and overall game.


College Coaches Evaluation

"3 Step Process"

College Coaches like to see you play in games or watch your in-game video highlights while they are on the road or at home. 

They like to see your analytical numbers that are captured at today's college showcase events or tournaments using sports technology devices like Pocket Radar or Blast Motion.

Their most difficult area to EVALUATE is how they see... YOUR WORK ETHIC and ABILITY TO GET BETTER. The Scout Hub's Player Evaluations and Trend Reports are a "Validated" resource for College Coaches.


My son is a solid high school baseball player with D1 aspirations and beyond. I never played baseball, nor do I have any contacts in baseball. Moreover, we don’t know how good our son is relative to the competition across the country. The hitting card that was provided by the Scout Hub is an unbiased assessment by an MLB scout. This scout is only doing a one-time evaluation which, I believe, leads to an honest assessment. Because it is done by an MLB scout, we also know that the evaluation has true value.


After seeing our son’s results, and the valuable training videos that came along, we now know that our son’s goals are reasonable for his ability. We are very thankful for this unbiased, quick and inexpensive evaluation. Given the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that we spend on baseball for our son every year, this hitter card evaluation from The Scout Hub is, by far, the best bang for the buck of our baseball expenditures.



Watch this video and see how easy it is to begin your journey towards Greatness TODAY!


Purchase your Evaluation | Upload your Video | Receive your Evaluation | Become Great



  1. Go to YOUTUBE.COM

  2. Sign in to your FREE YouTube account


  4. Choose your player video from phone, tablet or computer, create as "Unlisted"

  5. Follow directions on how to upload your video to your Youtube account

  6. Once Video is uploaded, click to view, then copy link to your video

  7. Paste your copied video link into your Google Player Form you receive in your confirmation


This program is not designed to replace your everyday baseball coach or your personal baseball instructor. Use this program and the baseball resources on this site along with your everyday coaches and trainers to be the best athlete and player you can be."

TODD BLYLEVEN, Former MLB Scout & Pro Player


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