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Copyright © 2020 The Scout Hub™. All Rights Reserved. All evaluations graded based on athlete age and compared to average player in athlete age group.


only $15 per month after free trial

What is it?

The Instructors Software is an easy to use online reporting tool helping you quickly evaluate your golfers mechanics.

What does it provide?

Each golfer receives a Professional online Evaluation Page showing your evaluation with your grades and comments for the golfer to learn more about their game. You can also add today's most popular analytical metrics from the most sensor and metric companies.


Plus, every instructor receives their own online Instructor Page containing each evaluation they create for their golfers. 

Who is it for and why are they using it?

Professional, College, High School and Private Instructors are all using this software helping their golfers game develop more quickly while raising their retention rates and earning more money month after month!

Train and Develop Your Golfers With The #1 Software Platform Built For Coaches

  • Coach Evaluates Player's Mechanics and adds Coach Comments.

  • Input Analytics like Bat Exit, Fastball Velocity metrics & more!

  • Coach and Player/Family receive Pro Style Evaluation and Progress Reports within 24 hours.

  • Repeat for all Players with UNLIMITED use for the month.

  • Plus, share your players reports with college coaches helping your players get recruited!

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Copyright © 2020 The Scout Hub™. All Rights Reserved. All evaluations graded based on athlete age and compared to average player in athlete age group.

When you subscribe to use the instructor software, you will receive your very own Instructor page that will contain all the evaluations you create for your golfers. This an amazing tool helping you stay organized, help you track and develop your golfers faster and separating you from the rest of your competition.




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Selecting a plan will take you to Plans & Pricing page where you will officially select your plan and gain access to your selected subscription plan offerings.

“We are excited to offer this software to 1000's of coaches and teams helping them help their athletes improve. We provide the coaches with their own Online Coaches Page helping them track and develop their athletes while also providing our Online Player Pages to the athletes allowing them to see their coaches reports while also using that page link as a recruiting tool as well. This program shows the Parents how hard each coach is working to help improve the athlete's game which increases retention rates and ultimately helps the coach make more money doing what they love to do… Helping each athlete succeed."

- Todd Blyleven, CEO of The Scout Hub

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