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Maddie Stubenrauch


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Colorado Softball Academy 16U- United



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Golden HS

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Player Bio and Testimonial

My personal goals for softball include; 1.) Statistically and mentally being one of the best players on both of my teams (high school or club). 2.) Use softball to set myself up for my future; getting into a good school and pursuing my passions academically. 3.) Use softball as a mental blanket, something that I always know will make me happy. My biggest s strength is that I work hard, whenever a task needs to be completed, I focus in and get it done. This can be a good tool in school, as well as in softball. I always do extra for both so that I can perform to my greatest ability (waking up early to do homework for an hour and half every morning. Practicing and working out for 1.5-2.5 hours everyday outside of regular practices). I love softball because it is something that has always kept me grounded and focused on my next goal. I’m a very ambitious person and softball allows me to vent my competitive side towards positive things. It is also something I really love doing, it’s like I was meant to play.

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