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Adalyn Appleby


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Texas Glory 07 - IL Rasso



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Central DeWitt

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Player Bio and Testimonial

Hello, my name is Adalyn (Addie) Appleby and I go to Central DeWitt high school ( class of 2025) in DeWitt, IA. In my freetime I enjoy hanging out with my friends, doing extracurricular activities, and playing softball. At school I participate in extracurriculars other than softball. FCA is one of these activities, FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This is a great way for me to express and share my faith with other fellow Christian athletes in my school. I am also a part of FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America. With this club you can help do community services to earn points so you can go to spring conference. This gives me real insight into the business world today. In school I push myself and put my best foot forward I do this by taking almost all honors courses and succeeding with a 3.9 GPA. Clearly, softball has become the sport that I love most and dedicate my time to, but I used to be a very veristle athlete. I used to participate in travel basketball and soccer. I also participated in volleyball, track, and 4-h. Although I don't do all of these things anymore I still enjoy watching my former teammates play the sports that they love! I have played softball since I was 4 years old and over this time softball has taught me many lessons in hardwork and has helped me create many unforgettable friendships. One of the countless things I love about softball is all of the bonds I have made through it. So far I have made my best friendships through this sport and I hope to continue to do so at a higher level. Another thing that excites me for the future is all of the hardwork and results ahead of me. That is another reason I want to play softball at the college level, I believe it can not only push me to be a better player but a better person as well. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out my profile. I feel very confident that my softball skills, work ethic, and my positive attitude will be a benefit to your college program in the future.

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