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"This is the easiest to use most sophisticated customizable baseball scouting app in the world."

- Todd Blyleven, former Major League Baseball Scout

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This Video Shows Why This Is The Best Evaluation App On The Market!

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Customizable Options

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More Grading Options

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Generate team Reports

How this App helps you:


Create your current team(s) or recruiting list. Create multiple teams in different age groups too.


Creating a player is easy and fast. Choose a primary and secondary position along with other important information.


The Scout App settings menu has many features like customizing your individual team scout cards and more.


Scouting the player is easy by simply pressing and holding a button until you select the desired grade per metric.


Capture video of every player you scout. The higher the subscription level, the more videos you can take. 


Scout your team(s) players. The higher level of subscription, the more players you can have in 


The Scout Hub App Content tab will store helpful videos helping you learn how to Scout Like a Pro!


Create customized Player Reports allowing to rank and filter players. Silver subscription or higher.


The Interactive Reports you create show your player's grades as you scouted them and highlights the players strengths and weaker areas of their game. This allows you to see where you can help your players improve within their game and then also for recruiters allowing them to see which recruit is the best fit for your team. This feature requires the Silver subscription level or higher.

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Check out former MLB Scout, Todd Blyleven as he demonstrates how easy it is to evaluate players on the app.

⚾️  0-14 min: Introduction, why this app was developed & why it is better than anything in the market.

⚾️  14- 31 min: Todd Blyleven, former MLB Scout, shows the app on screen and all its functionality.

⚾️  31-33 min: Todd gives overview and concludes video.

Helping you better evaluate your players... which helps you WIN more games!

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different subscription levels

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The Free version is a great start for using the basic version of this app. Grade your players on the Five-Tools of Baseball: Throwing, Fielding, Defense, Base Running, Hit Ability and Power.

Subscription Options
Monthly Subscriptions. Cancel anytime.

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Subscription Options Overview

The Free version is a great start for using the basic version of this app. Grade your players on the Five-Tools of Baseball: Throwing, Fielding, Defense, Base Running, Hit Ability and Power.

The Bronze version allows for more players and videos per player. This version is perfect for the coach that wants to scout their team with basic scouting criteria. This is a perfect start to learning more about your players and learning how to Scout Like a Pro.

The Silver version is where you get more granular on each scouting report. In addition, your player's Role Grade will be calculated based on the player's position and Tools that Scouts value at that position. The Silver version offers a better scout system than most MLB Teams, plus more.

The Gold level is perfect for any College or High School Coach wanting to scout their teams and recruits. Scouting and storing all your players right in the palm of your hand, including Baseball Metric and Analytical Data on your players!


In Depth app details

The Scout Hub App eliminates paper scout forms, allows you to scout or evaluate your team's players along with any other players you may be recruiting and add them to your created teams all from your digital device. The system allows you to customize your individual teams scout card. Make this as detailed as a MLB Team's scout system or keep things simple and just evaluate the five tools of an athlete's game.


Your customized scout cards are based on what your perception of "average" is which makes this app truly unique. If you are a D1 coach and think a 92 mph fastball is average, then you can customize the fastball velocity section of your card to value that a 92 mph fastball is average as you scout players. If you are a High School coach and think that an 84 mph fastball is average, then you can set that as your average velocity. This makes for customized scouting for what you see as average and allows you to find the players that truly fit within your organization, school or team.


You can also generate reports of your players you have scouted and save certain search criteria from past reports you run such as class 2022 Left Handed Catchers if you are a college coach and scouting recruits, or run a report of all your players you have in your system. The report is great for identifying the stronger and then weaker areas of your players game by showing the players metrics in colors to easily identify some problems ares for future player development or stronger areas to separate that player from other recruits or players on his/her team.

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